My personality matrix can predict what the real Commander Shepard would say with seven percent accuracy.

maybe some day i’ll learn how to approach people

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crow pirate

the next person who kills me while im afk is getting an angry letter with a stinkbug in it

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how rude do you have to be to kill somebody while they’re afk

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anyone wanna add me on psn

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hey… chill

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hi reblogged one of my posts its time for me to go

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i love co-op

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anyone care to tell me why im awake at 8 am on a saturday morning

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I just wanted you to know I appreciate the risk you’re taking. Regardless of your opinion of Cerberus, of me, you are a valuable asset to all of humanity. Be careful, Shepard.

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i am getting angrier by the second

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my mom is using linkin park lyrics to describe how upset she is right now

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